Service with Integrity

Wallace Anger was born and raised in Bessemer, Alabama. He was raised by his mother, a strong woman who instilled in him at a young age, rich, Christian values and the importance of strong work ethics. For his very first job he sold newspapers for the Birmingham Times, going door to door. At 15, he was later awarded a paper route with the Birmingham News.  Wallace Anger attended Bessemer public city schools and graduated from Abrams High School. Upon completing high school, he enrolled in Lawson State and further extended his studies at Miles College. Wallace knew early on that he wanted to serve the people and make a difference in the community. In 1982, he joined the Birmingham Police Department and honorably served for 20 years. Upon retiring, he joined the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. Within his first year of serving, he knew that there was an immediate need for new leadership. 

Having been involved in law enforcement for over 35 years, Wallace Anger has long worked for positive changes in Jefferson County. "For years, I tend to look for someone else to address the injustices in which are seen everyday within our legal system. I realize that change must first start with me. Some of the most profound words that continue to lead my life are: “Until there can be awareness, there can be no consensus to make correction.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr."

Wallace is the proud father to two young men, Trey and Cody. 


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